Friday, February 17, 2006

Birds of a feather...

Hello world! It has been 3 months since my last posting, and I'm somewhat settled in my new house...I found this beautiful picture on Webshots yesterday, and just had to share it. Isn't this bird one of the most beautiful creatures you've ever seen? I just love it!

This weekend is a busy one...I'm off to a women's retreat, where I'll be playing guitar and leading the music for the weekend. Truth be told, I need to be working on last minute planning before I leave, but as I said, the beauty of this little birdie just couldn't wait!

Have a wonderful weekend...expected to be a cold and icy one in the toasty Texas south...if it's cold where you are, stay warm and drink lots of hot cocoa! Spring will soon be here, and we'll have to put the hot cocoa away until next fall -- get it while you can.

Friday, November 04, 2005

We Have MOVED!

Well, here we are!! FINALLY...after 4 months and 28 days, the famous Amydog and myself have moved into the new casa! It's still a mess on the inside, so I'll just share a picture of the outside with you. Plaxo address, phone and email updates have gone out to the masses, so everyone should be able to keep in touch. I am enjoying working from my brand new home office today, looking out the front window at a beautiful blue sky on a windy Texas day. The only downside of working from home is the possibility of getting spoiled...I know that I'll want to do this everyday, and for now, that isn't a option. Still, today is Friday, and the weekend awaits us with clear, warm weather...there is so much to do!

Amydog is enjoying the new house so far...she has been adjusting to having a large backyard for the first time in her short life, and loves to run all around our big house. It's nice to know that at the end of everyday, Amydog has gotten lots of healthy exercise!

The trauma and anxiety of the closing and moving process is behind me now, and I am grateful to God for this new home. As always, family and friends are WELCOME to come and stay for awhile...drop by and see us soon!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Closed, but not funded...

Ugh...what a journey this has been. I began the process of "buying" and building a house on June 5, 2005. Even with what I thought was the best possible planning, I closed 2 full days later than originally scheduled, and so late in the day on Friday that the loan wasn't fully funded by end of business...

So, here I sit on Saturday, a GORGEOUS day, perfect for moving...with everything packed and ready to go...and I do not have the keys to my house until MONDAY afternoon. It's mind boggling what happened with the lender and their failure to get the paperwork completed in a timely manner, so I won't even try to relate the story here. Suffice to say, I'm glad to have the closing process finished, but frustrated to have 2 full weekend days, which time is wasted for purposes of getting moved.

Life goes on though...and I did put a couple of pictures here, showing the painted kitchen and master bath. I'm very happy with how the house turned out, and look forward to posting pictures as the decorating process moves along. By this time next weekend, I hope to be blogging from my new home.

In the meantime, have a great weekend and Happy Halloween! My trick or treat this year will be a date with Big Dog Movers!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Liveblogging the Baylor-OU Game

Baylor and OU are tied in overtime, 27-27. Baylor has the ball on the 2 yard line, 3rd and goal. Bell throws into the end zone...INCOMPLETE! Baylor lines up to kick a field goal, and go up 30-27...

The kick is...GOOD!!!! Baylor goes on top, 30-27! The ball goes over to OU, and they have to either score a touchdown to win, or kick a field goal to extend overtime play. Baylor's defense has played pretty well tonight, but it's hard to say whether they can put a stop on the OU offense.

Bomar throws over the middle, a skinny post route....overthrown ball...incomplete. 2nd down and 10 yards for the Sooners. Guiterrez runs up the middle for 3 yards. The Sooners need 7 for a first down...3rd and seven from the 22 yard line...incomplete pass, and a holding call on Oklahoma!

Tough decision for the Baylor coach...take the penalty and push the Sooners back? No! He declines the penalty and OU has 4th down coming up. Hartley comes on to kick a 40 yard field call for the tie the game and keep overtime going...

The kick is up, and it's good...tie game. The ball goes back to Baylor for a 2nd crack at a touchdown or field goal.

Guy Morris made a questionable call there...if they had taken the penalty and held the Sooners, the kick would have been a 50 yarder, instead of a 40 yarder. Still, giving the Sooners another chance could have been disastrous, so at least the game goes on...for now.

Here's the coin flip for the 2nd overtime...Baylor opts to go on defense the ball goes back to the Sooners...running play to Guiterrez runs on first down for 5 yards. Sooners have 2nd and 5 from the Baylor 20 yard line...STOPPED behind the line of scrimmage! Great defensive stop by the Bears! Sooner ball, 3rd down and 6 to go, from the Baylor 21 yard line...OU calls time out...

3rd and 6...Bomar drops back and throws into the endzone...touchdown Sooners, but there's a penalty flag on the field...penalty's on, the touchdown stands. Bummer. The kick for an extra point is good. OU goes up 37-30.

Ya know what's strange about this telecast? They have never once shown the Baylor least not that I can tell. I'm sure they must be at the game...really odd that we haven't seen or heard them play.

Okay, Baylor has the ball again, penalty enforced on this play, so they start from the OU 40 yard line. Rashawn runs the reverse for 6 yards. 2nd down and 4 from the OU 34 yard line... Baylor at the line...Bell throws over the head of his receiver...not even close! Poor execution on that play. 3rd down and 4...Bell in the shotgun....throws long, and AGAIN, thrown over the head of the receiver! What are they doing???

4th down and 4 to go...this is the ballgame right here...from the shotgun...Bell throws over the receiver AGAIN!!!!! Good grief! I guess this guy just isn't ready for the high pressure game.

Baylor goes down to OU, 37-30 in double overtime. Tough loss for the Bears, because Bell had receivers open on all 3 of those last plays, and just couldn't get the ball in there.

Go Astros!!

The World Series has begun, and the Astros and White Sox are tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 3rd inning. Astros starting pitcher Roger Clemens left after 2 innings, looking a bit gimpy in the legs. I haven't heard yet how, or if he's injured, but something wasn't right. I don't know anything about the pitcher who came in to replace Clemens, but I hope he's a good one! I think that winning this first game will be extremely critical to the Astros' success in winning the Series. They play 2 in Chicago, then 3 in Houston, and then 2 more in Chicago (as needed). If the Astros can win one game, or even two games in Chicago, they could finish the series playing at home in Houston.

I like the Astros new red/gray/black color scheme, but I picked the Navy blue cap with an orange star as my favorite. It's got a classic look to it, don't you think?

Meanwhile, in other sporting news...the Longhorns thumped the Texas Tech Red Raiders, and Baylor is not playing well against Oklahoma. The frustrating thing about Baylor is that they seem to beat themselves with mistakes...I think they actually have the talent to compete and win with these major teams, but the mental mistakes are just killing them.

On the homefront, I met at the house with the inspector today. The dishwasher doesn't work, the garage door openers don't work properly, and my french doors need to be replaced altogether. Other than that, the issues are cosmetic and workmanship problems. They'll fix some of them, but probably not all of them.

Gotta get back to packing boxes and watching baseball...TTFN!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Sleepless in Seattle...

Meanwhile, the stress of moving has me pretty much sleepless this week, and the Cowboys travel to Seattle. This is a critical game for the Cowboys (aren't they all?), more so because Shaun Alexander (Seahawks) is one of the best running backs in the league this year. The quarterback is good, but I don't think he's, if we can stop Shaun (pictured here), we've got a real shot at winning this game. I don't really know how good the Seahawks defense is, but I sure do need a break from all the stress in my life right now! The Cowboys are 4-2 right now, and a win this week could really help propel them toward a shot at the playoffs this year.

Note to self: must go purchase some new Cowboys apparel.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

7 Days and Counting...

Here we are...the famous Amydog and myself, standing in the almost completed kitchen. I think we stood too close to the window, as the glare from the sun is a bit of a any rate, we are now just 7 days from closing. I'm both excited and slightly frantic about all of the details to be handled yet...yikes!

I started planning (and even packing) several weeks ago, and yet I still feel like I'm going to be rushing to get everything done. I've taken Amydog to the house several times now, and I'm really looking forward to having a backyard where she can run and play. The back patio faces east, is covered, and has a ceiling fan. It is very pleasant to sit back there, even in the afternoon when the sun is still hot. One of my highest priorities is to get a rocking chair for that patio, where I plan to spend alot of time rocking...pondering the deep lessons of life. Eventually, I will also put in a porch swing.

In the meantime, this week is full of last minute "stuff" to take care of, and on Saturday we go through the house with my private inspector. Monday afternoon is the official "walk through" with the builder, and if all goes well, closing is at 9am on Wednesday, October 26th. I have this weird nightmare that things will fall through at the last minute, but I'm sure it will all turn out fine. I probably just worry too much!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

20 Random Facts about Myself

I have been challenged by Lyn at to list 20 random facts about, I've been pondering this challenge, and don't know if I can come up with 20 interesting facts, but here goes nothing:
1. I have a music degree and a master's in biblical counseling, and my career has absolutely nothing to do with either.
2. My all-time favorite soda is the original Coke. As a child, I loved it so much, I'd drink it hot, right from the bottle. I used to tell anyone who questioned drinking it hot, "I like it hot!"
3. I've had 2 dogs in the past 16 years...both a mix of cocker spaniel and pomeranian, both named Amy. Amy #1 was white. Amy #2 is black.
4. My favorite drinks at Starbucks are: Cold Weather = Grande No-Foam Breve' Latte; Hot Weather = Grande Iced Latte w/one pump mocha (does that count as 1 or 2 facts??)
5. I play piano, organ and guitar, and my primary instrument for my music degree was voice.
6. I spent the summer of 1980 in Penticton, British Columbia as a summer missionary.
7. While growing up I lived Georgia, California 3 different times, Minnesota, Maryland, and Texas 2 different times.
8. I LOVE sports, and if I had been born after Title IX, am pretty sure I would have pursued a career in some aspect of sports.
9. While in college, my roommate and dorm buddies stole all of the shower curtains from all of the girls' bathrooms one early morning during Finals Week. We were never caught!
10. My first summer job was as a lifeguard at the local Holiday Inn.
11. I graduated high school when I was 16.
12. My favorite vacation of all time was a Caribbean cruise on Commodore Cruise Line in 1986.
13. One of my favorite spiritual authors is Henri Nouwen, a Catholic priest who spent the last years of his life serving as a chaplain/priest for the residents of a home for the profoundly disabled.
14. My fondest childhood memories are of summers spent at my grandparents house in Iuka, MS.
15. I named this blog in part because of my memories rocking on the porch of my grandparents farmhouse.
16. I learned to drive a truck and a tractor in the cow pastures on my grandparents farm.
17. While traveling on business last fall, I routinely showed up at the local Presidential campaign headquarters to do volunteer work.
18. I love to stay up late at night and then sleep in the next day.
19. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is read a book.
20. My dream car is a BMW 740i.

That was tougher than I thought it would be!!